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Free Home Value Estimate & Exclusive Listing Commission

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Commission Savings Estimate

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Listing Commission Offers

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Real Estate Agents Compete and You Get More Savings!
This Listing Commission Request lets home sellers quickly find and compare top real estate agents when selling a house. Find seller agents, view agent’s profile, and get the lowest listing commission rate available. Start a listing commission request to find a Real Estate Agent to help you sell a house fast at discount commission.
In a situation where you are selling your existing property, and at the same time looking to buy a new home, you can maximize your commission savings and cashback even further by having your agent represent you for both transactions
Don't feel comfortable asking your existing agent for reduced commission or cashback? We can do it for you! Simply provide us with the agent's name and contact info and we'll do the rest. Invite as many agents as you want and maximize your commission savings potential. Simply click on the "Add Agent" button to add more agents.
Not sure about your agent's exact name or contact info?
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Factors Influencing Commission Savings

As a seller looking to maximize your commission savings when selling your property, you may be wondering what factors influence the commission discount, as well as what can be done in order to maximize your savings. While every home seller's situation is unique, in general the factors that impact the commission discount include sale price of your home, selling time frame, whether you would be willing to utilize the same Realtor to help you sell your existing home and purchase a new one, marketability of the property, and the level of seller agent's involvement in a transaction. The table below illustrates the relationship between various factors in a real estate transaction and commission discount:

  • Factors Increasing
    Commission Discount
  • High property value
  • Short-term selling time frame
  • Willingness to use seller's agent to help you find a new home
  • High marketability of your property
  • Low seller agent's involvement
  • Factors Lowering
    Commission Discount
  • Low property value
  • Long-term selling time frame
  • Unwillingness to use seller's agent to help you find a new home
  • Low marketability of your property
  • High seller agent's involvement

Agent's Involvement Level

Real Estate Agent Involvement Level Low(low)

Select this level if you want to maximize your commission savings and are comfortable helping your agent with holding open houses and staging.

Agent's Involvement Level

Real Estate Agent Involvement Level Medium(medium)

Select this level if you need medium level of assistance from the agent and would still like to receive a substantial commission discount.

Agent's Involvement Level

Real Estate Agent Involvement Level High(high)

Select this level if you are not familiar with the aspects involved with selling your home and require maximum guidance and help from the agent.